#StayHome: 5 Realistic Movies Based on Disease Outbreaks

To successfully tackle any condition all efforts need to be on every holistic level–mind body and soul. With fears of coronavirus rising, anxiety is a natural side effect.

But you know what? Anxiety can also be dealt if you keep yourself busy in work and pleasure, while staying inside home during lockdown.

This is also the time to watch films that everyone is talking about in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. Every now and then you must have come across video clips of social media posts that would tell you how certain films predicted such a scenario long time back.

So, here is the list of five such films that you can watch now:

Film: Contagion

Year: 2011

As social distancing and quarantine have become two of the most important social exercises amid the coronavirus pandemic these days, people are already looking up for other ways to keep themselves entertained. If you are staying home to protect yourself from coronavirus, here are some great movies on disease outbreaks that you must check out. Contagion (2011).

Film: Blindness

Year: 2008

Film: Panic in the Streets

Year: 1950

Film: The Andromeda Strain

Year: 1971

Film: Outbreak

Year: 1995